Videoke and New Social Media: YouTube’s Got Talent

18 10 2009

Filipinos are very fond of singing. One way of eliminating stress for Filipinos is through singing their hearts out. When confronted with problems, there’s one way to escape—SING, at any place and time.

sing out loud

sing out loud

The magic of singing doesn’t stop once a person dropped a five peso (5Php) coin and scored technically by the videoke machine. The magic of singing doesn’t stop with just purchasing the infamous Magic Sing in shopping malls. The magic of singing never stops now that social media exists.

If you think singing costs a lot, you’re definitely wrong. Singing is not only done at videoke bars like GBOX or Red Box but also at home where all you have to have is an Internet connection, desktop computer or laptop computer, and comfortable place for your pseudo concert. Having these, we can say videoke for Filipinos have gone the extra mile. Thanks to the power of new social media.

believe in the tagline

believe in the tagline

When our group in Anthropology 185 (Introduction to Philippine Culture) made a documentary on the Filipinos’ Videoke Culture, we realized that that particular culture of Filipinos is very amazing and dynamic. Despite the stress experienced by our random interviewees, we feel they are enjoying what singing can bring to redeem themselves. And now that “videoke-ing” is so popular in the Philippine context, I guess it’s time for us to be more practical and safe through the use of YouTube.

YouTube offers its existence to aspiring singers out there. With just a type on the search engine, you can access your favorite OPM or foreign songs. With just a great upload, you can even dominate the world with your YouTube Videoke performance. I’ve got to see you in Oprah or Ellen soon. 🙂


Volunteerism and New Social Media

1 10 2009

Being a Red Cross volunteer does not require millions of pesos just to be recognized. Being a volunteer does not entail stardom or media publicity. Being a volunteer requires a magnanimous heart and new social media access.

The Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC) is one of the pioneering organizations that cater to the needy Filipinos during disasters and non-disaster related campaigns. Its goal is to call help Filipinos revive the spirit of bayanihan whenever crisis occurs. Its goal is to spread the volunteerism virus across the world of Internet.

Yes, even an organization like PNRC penetrates the Internet because I believe they can reach many active online Filipino communities. Yes, there is a need for Internet penetration because calling for a volunteer is not as easy as saying “I need a volunteer”.

Red Cross

Twitter is one of the most influential social media sites ever created. This site had created an avenue for 140-character blogging. And I have to admit it, it had made a call for Filipinos to be a PNRC or 143 volunteer.

I am one of those Filipinos who have accessed PNRC via Twitter and this could be a manifestation that new social media is not just for entertainment and pure nonsensical quizzes, tagging, and posting. Rather, new social media can call for volunteerism, one that possesses greater sense of responsibility.

For you to get updated on the programs of the Philippine National Red Cross,  you may follow the organization at

The three-fold solution in viral marketing

22 09 2009
who's to who? what's to what?

who's to who? what's to what?

Marketing is such an enigma. People can perceive marketing as something beneficial and otherwise. But is it all about marketing that caters to the people? Is it the only bridge that makes people appreciates the wonders of a certain product created and distributed by a certain organization?

Marketing is one way of filling the gap between consumers and advertisers. But it’s just the tip of the iceberg. There is something more than meets the technicality of marketing concepts.

Spread the marketing virus

People can be mislead in the concept if virus. In fact, it can bring paranoia to some. Although it connotes negative thought for some people, virus can be beneficial to some, particularly organizations and yes, political candidates.

Literally speaking a virus is something that can spread fast. It can be airborne and pandemic. But recently, it can be spread online. How?

is it all about paranoia?

is it all about paranoia?

Think of new social media. Think of Facebook, Multiply, Twitter, and other sites. Think of how these sites create fad. This is how marketing fuses in online. This is how marketing can be viral.

Lead the way to engagement

Some organizations still prefer traditional advertisements. Some organizations prefer the obsolete way of marketing. But in this modern era, who would still prefer tedious marketing strategy when social media is evident?

From being passive, it is not time for consumers to be active. It is now the time for consumers not to be spoon-fed by overwhelming advertisements everyday. It is time for engagement, something that requires only the tip of our fingers.

And given the fact some organizations such as in line with hygiene products and the like are penetrating the social media; it is good to know the ways on how to reach the world in just one click, one tweet and “liking.”

Ways to make marketing viral

Since people are now the media, it is very easy to personalize things

people are now the media

people are now the media

particularly the like of consumers on a certain product. But always remember that fusing marketing in the new social media is not as easy as buying an ice candy to a nearby store and have you reacting on the taste and price of the ice candy.

Remember that there are ways to penetrate your marketing to new social media. I’ve listed some ways on how to make viral marketing effective (based on Paolo Pangan of Yehey):

Create Buzz. It is not automatic that once you fuse your marketing to the online world, it would surely get people. Make your style the talk-of-the-town. Make your marketing unique and very friendly to the online market.

Generate Hype. Once you settled your product as the talk-of-the-town, it is good to attract online market to comment on your product. Remember, feedback is necessary if you’re trying to bring the best product for people.

Craft Strategy. After you engaged you people on your style of marketing, design your strategy to make your product more appealing as suggested by people via their feedback. Through this, you may know what is to be done or not to be done.

*     *     *

To know more about viral marketing in the Philippine context, visit this Internet Marketing Solutions Company and see how your product can be the best among the rest:

Digital Public Relations: Expediting your image-building

12 09 2009
why exhaust so much physical energy?

why exhaust so much physical energy?

In a public relations practitioner’s perspective, building a good image of his or her client’s products is the best way to achieve his or her goal as a professional. The practice of PR may have been including lots of traditional activities such as drafting and printing press releases and calling media contacts for possible pick-ups. Hence, the practice of PR is such a tedious yet fulfilling job for a communication major.

I had a very interesting, challenging, and overwhelming internship in a PR agency in Makati. And I could attest to the things I’ve mentioned earlier. Part of my job is to update media listing so that our agency will know who to direct the press releases of our clients. It is also my job to draft a press release whether it is for pick-up or for archival reasons.

I’ve learned a lot from this traditional PR practice. I have to admit that I enjoyed every day of my stay in our agency. But questions keep on bothering my night during internship. Is there something I can do to make a message easily accessible by the public?.

I had my share of talent and wits during my internship yet I did not contribute anything BIG for our agency…

so tedious isn't it?

so tedious isn't it?

Now, the paradigm shift has taken me to the next level. There is something I can contribute once I get back to my dear field of interest (PR). This thing is called DIGITAL PUBLIC RELATIONS–doing public relations online.This involves press releases published online which can then be translated to healthy discussions of professionals and people who are in need of a certain product that might be catered by a PR agency’s clients.

The time is now. Now is the time. DPR can possibly be a big bang in the practice of Public Relations in the Philippines.

To know more about DPR, click this smiley 🙂

Laugh Thrift

10 09 2009

Watch this. Save more. That’s all. 🙂

I have fallen in love to blog twice

10 09 2009
I wish I could have the thing he uses here

I wish I could have the thing he uses here

Blogging, at any rate, may have been the easiest way of unwinding and detoxifying from bunch of academic and corporate works. It is the easiest way of finding admirers, suitors, friends, best friends, girl friend, and enemies. It is the smartest way to express yourself, your access to the world outside.

 You have known me to be an Internet-less and computer-less guy who rely on frequent spending at internet cafes rather than saving money to buy a netbook (such a fool of me). You have known me to a “blogger” at my own right (whatever right it may be).

 Since the time I first introduced myself to blogging, well that was three years ago since I read a blog post from a college crush, I kept myself on updating my account no matter how tedious it may be or how expensive it may be (by the way, in the nearest internet café we have here in our community the shop offers 15Php per hour).

 I remember the very first blog post I made and I guess it was about our P.E. class then. That post gave me the courage to express my “love” for this girl who happens to be a blockmate of mine. The blog post is still in my Multiply account, the very first blog I have (aside from the obsolete Friendster).

 Three years after the uncertainty in the world of Multiply, I was then introduced by a co-intern at Fleishman-Hillard Manila to have a Twitter account. “What’s Twitter?” I asked myself. Sooner, I realized how important it is in posting message of 140 characters. It reminds me of text blast but this time in more fabulous approach.

 The use of this Microblogging tool made me realize the importance of brevity (I should take note of the wonderful lesson way back in my technical writing class). It made me appreciate the use of short yet informative notes. And I think it is not only for ordinary college students to use it but also companies who want to have a window to the world (I guess it’s time for MOMO to have this account).


Where in the world can you buy an ORCOM hat?

10 09 2009
from the creative mind of J.K. Rowling

from the creative mind of J.K. Rowling


J.K. Rowling may have introduced us with a very magical world of wizards and witches as well as their relationship with the so-called Muggles. She made us aware on the fictional world of Harry Potter. One of the concepts introduced is the Sorting Hat, the hat famous of its selecting what house a wizard or a witch should be in.

I like the fact that a Sorting Hat (in the magical world created by Rowling) is present to give a person a chance to belong to a group of people who have the same characteristics as his or hers. I like the idea of that “sorting” which classifies a person of he or she is pure in heart or just pure in wisdom.

This time, I won’t talk so much about the Sorting Hat. This time, let me introduce you the most realistic hat ever produced to the curious world. Allow me to present you the ORCOM hat.

The Organizational Communication Hat (ORCOM hat) is an idea I first heard during my OrCom 140 days, during those days when our class were asked to go on “leg works” to interview people in the corporate world and eventually learn good things from these people. The hat is an imaginary hat that governs every Organizational Communication major. This is a hat that inspires every ORCOM person to strive harder, work harder and smarter, and go further.

Nowadays, there seem to  confusion circling around the town. Where does the ORCOM hat originated from? Simply I should say that the ORCOM hat is solely a product of the University of the Philippines Manila and nothing follows. The ORCOM hat is a hat that involves dynamism and innovation.

Yes, the ORCOM hat is very different from the Sorting Hat in the world of Harry Potter. The ORCOM hat knows no boundaries. It has even reached the globe through a good connection. And that is through new social media (NSM).

I am an ORCOM major and I’m proud I have this hat (honestly, I prefer a halo). You can see my hat from the way I dwell in this NSM world. See it yourself. Perhaps you could visit the world of ORCOM through Facebook, Twitter, Multiply, and others. 🙂